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  1. The 17 -point diamond sells 3700, which is reasonable. Although 17 are not big, there are also certificates of natural diamonds at the jewelry shop with more than 10 points. In fact, the certificate has been abused and proved nothing. I did n’t have a certificate at the 50 -point diamond I bought at Zhou Dafu before. Only Zhou Dafu ’s certificate was fake? The country has no explicit regulations, so it is not deceived. You must have a certificate to buy a store with a certificate.
    Footblade: The platinum content is not less than 990, and the "foot platinum" or "PT990" mark is hit.
    950 platinum: The platinum content is not less than 950, and the "platinum 950" or "PT950" tag.
    900 platinum: Platinum content is not less than 900, and "platinum 900" or "PT900" mark.
    It pure platinum hardness is small. In order to increase hardness, a certain percentage of precious metals such as 钯, 铑, and 铱 must be added. PT950 contains 铑, 0, and 铱 5 %, and the hardness is still relatively low. It is generally used in plain platinum jewelry; PT900 contains 钯, 铑, 铱 10 %, and hardness is just right for inlaid jewelry. At present, most platinum rings are PT900, but there are also a few manufacturers to make precepts for PT950.

  2. There is no grading below 20 points, but no identification is not needed. So you'd better ask him to give you an appraisal certificate. If you have any questions, there is a voucher.
    PT950 and PT900 are 50 ‰ of the gold content difference, and the inlay effect is similar.
    The price is not easy to say, because there is no diamond level. It can only be said to belong to the normal range

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