1 thought on “Is it better to buy pearl jewelry online?”

  1. I used to buy some pearl jewelry earrings and things like the boutique at home. The pearls are not good, and the price is tens of yuan. I bought it online after opening online shopping online! I bought a few times in a shop called "Mujiazhuang" in Taobao. At the beginning, I didn't dare to buy too much. I only bought a bracelet and a ring (there was also a courier to send wrong goods! However, the seller quickly helped me deal with it! And the seller has been following the progress of the purchase, the after -sales service is superb). After receiving the goods, the bracelets and the ring are superb! Later, I continued to go to "Mujiazhuang" a few times! If you want to buy pearl jewelry, you can go to Taobao "Mujiazhuang" to see it! Just enter the three words "Mujiazhuang" on Taobao website to find their shop!

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