3 thoughts on “Is the gold of 5 9 real?”

  1. The gold of 999.99 is also called Qianchin. You have to be optimistic about whether there is that point in 5 9. 99.999 is also possible. It is true. If only 99999 is 99999, it may be false.
    Gold cleaning method:
    This to protect the gloss of the gold jewelry, you can apply a layer of nail polish thinly on it.
    If on the surface, there are black silver films, 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder, and 60 ml of clear water. After entering the cleaning agent, after 2 hours, remove the golden jewelry, rinse with water (preferably not hard water), buried in the wood chips to dry, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
    This rings of gemstones roll a piece of cotton with popsicles or match sticks. After wetting in the mixture of flower dew and glycerin, scrub the gem and its frame, and then use a velvet cloth to lighten the ring. Do not scrape it with a kind of sharp objects.
    The mixed synthetic cleaner with salt and vinegar to wipe the pure gold jewelry with it to make it new for a long time.
    This to toothpaste or scrubbing with hot rice soup can also be restored.
    This can be scrubded with ammonia water

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Gold 5 9 must be truenWe call it thousands of goldnThat is, 99.999%, so gold is called pure gold, which is what we call thousands of goldnQuestionnnThat like thisnThe above is a full -footed goldnAnswer where you buy gold? Go more formal landnQuestion Zhou DajinnAnswer this labeling method is wrongnGo to Zhou Shengsheng, Zhou DashengnZhou Dajin, I heard the first time I heard [Left cover your face]nBoth Zhou Shengsheng and Zhou Dasheng are common golden trim shopsnAnd Lao FengxiangnYou go to these stores to buynQuestions to buynAnswer the suggestions, the more well -known gold jewelry shop to identify it, if you are worried that it is falsenThe label of Wanjin is like this, 99.9999%nI have never seen a unit as a unit as a unitnMore 16nBleak

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