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  1. 1. Mikimoto
    The founder of Mikimoto Royamoto Jewelry, Japan, Mr. Yugen Koji, who enjoys the reputation of "The Pearl King". The long history of the year. This year, Mikimoto Jewelry opened the first specialty store in Shanghai, showing the infinite charm of various pearl jewelry to the world. 103 branches have been established around the world. Mr. Ito is currently the president of the company. Mikimoto Jewelry will launch a new "Diamond Series" product in Shanghai next year. Mikimoto Jewelry has an eternal pursuit of classic quality and elegance, and is worthy of being known as the "king of pearls".

    2. Thousands of feet pearl
    The Chinese brand brand thousands of pearls, jewelry, fashion accessories are a type of gold and silver jewelry. Thousands of brands have won the title of "China Famous Trademark" and "China Famous Brand".

    3. Ruan Shi RUANS Pearl
    Ruan Shi Pearl -Zhejiang Ruan Shi Pearl Co., Ltd.'s pearl jewelry brand was founded by the first person in China Gao Liangze High -quality Pearl, Mr. Ruan Tiejun in 1988. It represents a fashion jewelry brand that advocates elegance, pursue glory, and experienced, and it brings people a kind of free lifestyle: each pearl reflects the glory of a woman, it exudes the elegance, restrained, noble of mature women's women This has become a sign of the delicate life taste of fashion groups.

    4. Belle Pearl
    Zhejiang Belle Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of Oriental Shenzhou Pearl Group. One of the largest pearls and pearl jewelry gift production, processing, and trading companies. There are trade branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shenzhen, and have 40,000 acres of high -quality freshwater pearl breeding bases nationwide. After seven years of large particles developed in seven years, the "Edison Pearl" of the nuclear pearl "Edison Pearl" has been successfully emerged. Its quality can be comparable to the top seawater pearls abroad, creating a miracle of the world's pearl industry.

    5. Jingrun Pearl
    Jingrun Pearl Jewelry is based on high -quality sea water pearls and freshwater pearls as the main raw materials. The variety is rich and stylish and diverse. In the design, Jingrun Pearl jewelry emphasizes the combination of pearl's classic beauty and modern elements. The variety and styles are more than 10,000, and they are loved by their gorgeous, gentle, noble and elegant style. Jingrun Pearl Jewelry is well -known in the island and outside, and is exported to countries and regions such as Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, and has become the first choice for people to buy Hainan pearls. In 2005, Jingrun Pearl won the honorary title of "Chinese Gold and Silver Jewelry Brand".

    6. Hairun Pearl
    Hainan Haikun Pearl Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hairun Pearl) was founded in 1997. It was initiated on the basis of the original Sanya Hunjun Jewelry Co., Ltd. The company integrates pearl scientific research breeding, pearl jewelry design and processing, pearl biological product development, and pearl series products. Since its establishment for more than ten years, we have adhered to the spirit of "professional, quality, innovation", adhering to "Hai Naisheng, moisturizing all things, pursuing excellence, casting for casting, casting The business philosophy of brand names is the first to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in the industry, and introduce ERP financial logistics management system and CRM customer management system. Essence

    7. Opposite is a comprehensive professional pearl company that integrates freshwater pearl breeding, acquisition, processing, sales, and scientific research. With its superior geographical location, solid style and excellent craftsmanship, it quickly opened the situation in the industry and obtained a certain amount The status and popularity became a dark horse in the pearl industry.

    8. Nanzhu Palace Pearl
    The Nanzhu Palace was founded in 1958. It founded the earliest seawater pearl breeding enterprise for China. The first artificial seawater breeding pearl was born in 1959. this. Nanzhu Palace is located opposite the Underwater World of the North Sea and is known as the palace of pearls.

    9. Angel's tears pearl
    The tears of Zhejiang Angel Pearl Co., Ltd. Located in the "Hometown of Pearls of China" --- Zhejiang Province Zhuji City Shanxia Lake Pearl Featured Industrial Park. It is a collection of freshwater pearls. Professional pearl companies that are breeding, processing, design, and sales. The company has developed a history of more than 20 years. It has more than 10 large pearl farms in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces. It wholesale operations and operations of freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry of various specifications. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation. The introduction of international advanced processing equipment for deep processing of pearls, thereby comprehensively improving product quality. The company maintains a wide and good trade relationship with customers from Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, and has a high reputation and influence in the international jewelry market.

    10. Tiandi Run Pearl
    Zhejiang Tiandi Run Pearl Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of "Township of China Pearl". It is a comprehensive professional pearl company that integrates freshwater pearl breeding, acquisition, design, processing, and sales. It is one of China's largest pearl and pearl jewelry production and trading companies. In order to trade with well -known foreign jewelry dealers and actively develop the international market, the company registered the Tiandi Run Pearl Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong in early 2001.

  2. The most well -known pearl brands are the Pearl Pearl. Old brands of more than 30 years, absolute boss in the freshwater pearl industry, products can be purchased with confidence.

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