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  1. Top Ten Luxury Brands Ranking
    Top Ten Clothing
    Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, Charlonel, Versace, Dior, Gutci, Valentino Galavani, Prada, Guess George Armani
    Related information: They depict the atmosphere of different cultures and different lifestyles with a more avant -garde, more fashionable, and more noble way, and reflect the unique charm in a completely different language.
    Top ten jewelery
    Cartier, Tiffany, ENZO, Oxette, Ba Shilong, Swarovski, Yukimoto, Chow Tai Fook, Pomret n related information: a variety of fashion jewelry The brand creates the exquisite and unique, excellent quality and excellent design of each product, which is worthy of every lady who is pursuing fashion.
    Top ten leather utensils
    Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Valentino Galavani, Prada, George Armani, Dengxi Road, Fangdi, Coach
    related Information: The workmanship of each fashion leather goods is very sophisticated. From the whole to every small detail, it is perfect. It is a symbol of luxury and luxury lifestyles.
    Top ten top -level watches
    Ome eggplant, Jaeger -LeCoultre, Earl, Jiang Shi Constantin, Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Breguet, Patek R n The pursuit of perfect cooperation with aesthetics and skills; in addition to the tastes and trends of different ages, the world's watch industry is distributed in different color.
    Top ten cars
    Ferrari, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Lotus, Bentley, Cadillac, Fiat, Audi, Rolls -Royce n Related information: They are a comfortable comfort for you The luxurious mobile space is synonymous with noble identity, and the extreme dream of speed and luxury.
    The luxury houses
    "Three Lakes" villas, Mandalay Farm, "Beach Milk East", "Burning Point" beaches, "La Ami", "Dior" palace, Manhattan, New York, New York A "sightseeing villa" on the top floor of a building on the top floor of the building and the "sightseeing villa" on the Palm Beach of Florida n related information: luxury house is an indestructible legend in the construction industry. Outsiders often talk about its dazzling wealth halo. Designers expect it to do so Deeply expressing the care of the building for life, and the strength class expects to use this to realize the supremacy of life after the career reaches the peak.

  2. 1. Top ten clothing
    1. Chanel Chanel,
    2. Louis Vuitton Louis_vuitton,
    3. Dior Dior,
    4. N5.Prada,
    8. Givenchy Givenchy
    9. Valentino, Valentino,
    10. Hugo_boss.
    . Top Ten Jewelery
    1. Cartier (Cartier) (1847 Paris, France, well -known trademark in China)
    2. Tiffany

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, you are answering this question for you. You need to wait patiently for about five minutes. The answer will be revealed for you immediately. Please do n’t worry!nHello dear. 01Chanel Chanel Chanel should have heard many people. The brand involves perfume, clothing, shoe bags, cosmetics and other fields. The company is located in Paris, Romantic Capital, France. Chanel's fashion design has an elegant, simple and exquisite style. 02LV Louisden LV was established in 1854. Its brand bags are very famous all over the world. In addition, it also involves accessories, watches, and advanced jewelry. The love of girls also involves luggage, skin care products, accessories and other fields. 04 GUCCL Guccl is a well -known fashion brand in Italy. Its brand series of fashion has been worn by major stars to walk to the red carpet. The brands mainly include fashion, watches, shoe bags, perfumes, etc. 05Coach Coach is a luxury brand that is famous in New York in New York, USA, involving clothing, bags and other fieldsn06BVLGARI Bollyi Belle Jiali is a well -known world jewelry industry founded in Italy in 1884. It is known for its bold and unique design and distinguished classical style. In addition to jewelry, it also operates watches, perfumes and other brands. Swarovski Swarovski is a leading brand in the world crystal industry founded in Austria in 1895. It is the world's premier precise cutting imitation crystal manufacturer. The brand's crystal is bright and delicate. 08 Lancome Lancome is a French national treasure -level cosmetics brand. It has a history of more than 70 years. The brand involves multiple fields such as skin care, makeup, perfumes, etc., mainly for mature women with high -income class. Shiseido Koshengtang is a Japanese -level cosmetics brand with a history of more than 130 years. It is very popular in Asian countries such as China and South Korea. The brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of elegance, taste, effective, and safe business. 10Dior Dionio is a famous French fashion consumer brand. It mainly operates high -end consumer products such as fashion, jewelry, cosmetics. Its brand series lipstick is loved by young girls, product designn1 morenBleak

  4. Makeup care products
    Charm: m.a.c
    Floating life Ruo Meng: Make-up
    Dior: Dior
    Clarins: Clarins
    Zhicun Show: shu
    Mercier: laura
    mercier n Clinique
    Sideli : Sisley
    Givenchy: Givenchy
    Moon crystal mining: Lunasol
    Stuart: Jill
    stuart npaul

  5. World Luxury Brand Daquan

    Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton, referred to as LV, was founded in 1854. It is famous for its fine workmanship. Men's clothing and women's clothing,
    pens, watches, etc. For more than one hundred and fifty years, Louis Vuitton's exquisite, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy" has been widely respected and has won celebrities in various countries. In 2004, LV held a new product release in Hong Kong
    . The model Zhang Ziyi was worth $ 760,000 in clothing, and it was more than 6 million yuan. Among mainland Chinese stores, a tie rod suitcase is priced at more than RMB 18,000. If you buy ordinary
    suitcases, you can buy two hundred if you buy it, you can buy eight tons

    Monkey Dragon: MONT BLANC, also translated as Mengbang and Bronze, synonymous with classic writing tools, known as Mercedes-Benz and Mark (3M "in Germany.
    The brand was founded in 1906. The products include valuable watches, high -quality leather goods, men's fashion accessories, etc. Users include Queen Elizabeth, President Kennedy, Pope and great writer Hai
    Mingwei and other celebrities. The company has a royal diamond gobuga pen inlaid with 4810 broken diamonds, selling for about 1.2 million yuan. The ordinary round beaded pen is priced at more than 2,300 yuan. If you buy ordinary ballpoint pens, you can buy 4,000 pieces; if you buy bread, you can buy 3,000.

    Rotos: LOTOS, the most expensive glasses supplier in the world. The brand was founded in 1872, including watches, glasses and jewelry. The company's glasses are made by hand, and
    generally only for order. The most expensive pair of glasses inlaid 44 diamonds, priced at about 500,000 euros, and more than 5 million yuan, the buyer was a lady of Switzerland. In addition,
    has high -priced glasses priced at about 100,000 or 200,000 euros. On the counter of a spectacle shop in Beijing, the company's products are very popular. The cheapest glasses are 35,000 yuan,
    is equivalent to 30 24 -inch domestic color TVs. If you buy pork, you can buy more than 7,000 pounds Essence

    Binry: Bentley, also translated as Ben Teri, is known for its luxury and luxury rich concept car, and the Queen of England designated the royal driver. Bentley cars are the most famous is its excellent handicraft and harsh
    . Each car needs to use at least 400 high -quality cowhide, about 15 cows, and the required wood is used for the superior beonal tumor. Bentley 728 extended version is priced at 8.88 million yuan, and the flagship version of Ya
    is priced at 11.88 million yuan. This car sells first in China in China. Only the purchase tax is equivalent to a Mercedes -Benz S320. The value of a manual curtain is about RMB
    .17 million yuan. If you buy ordinary curtains, you can buy 17,000 meters, which is equivalent to two Mount Everest; if you buy a cotton, you can buy 4,000 pieces.

    Christine Dior:, French brand, synonymous with gorgeous women's clothing. Founded in 1946, in addition to high -end women's clothing and high -end clothing, there are perfumes, fur,
    headscarves, sweater, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2004, Hong Kong actress Chen Huilin was wearing a CD evening dress, and the price of the decoration alone was close to two million Hong Kong dollars.
    The hot girl Victoria once ordered a bottle of perfume to the company for its husband, the price is as high as 30,000 pounds, and it is nearly 400,000 yuan. Water can be replaced with 40,000 barrels for buying household water. You can buy 120,000 cubic meters, enough for a family of three families for 300 years.

    Burberry: Burberry, also translated as a typical representative of Berbeli, Burlie, British -style elegant, on the Chinese golf course, noble wine clubs, everywhere can be seen everywhere. R n striped/square label. The brand was founded in 1856, and the products include clothing, perfume, fur, headscarf, sweater and shoes. In 1955 and 1989, the "Royal Royal Guarantee" badge was received by the British royal family twice. Among the specialty stores in mainland China, a women's wool coat sells for about 20,000 yuan, and the umbrella with an umbrella with the classic sign of Belbel is about 1200 yuan.
    The price is 2995 yuan. According to the introduction of the shopping guide, a dog jacket needs at least four such dog jackets in winter, because --- "Your dog
    always wants to change it!" The four are 11980 yuan, It is equivalent to 400 tuition fees for children's one -year, which is equivalent to a Chinese farmer's life, but now, it is just a dog one
    winter clothing costs.

    Rolex: Rolex, the classic brand of Swiss watch industry, founded in 1908, with solemn, practical, and not glittering style. For teammates 24 yuan, Hong Kong Chief Executive Dong Jianhua's wrist is also a dignified and elegant Rolex steel watch. Little Tiantian Britney bought a piece of £ 65,000 £ 65,000 n Rolex watches, which was about 800,000 yuan. The Rolex Gold Watch worn by the Emperor of Vietnam in the last generation of Vietnam has taken 34,200 Swiss franc at the Geneva auction for more than 200,000 yuan. Greenwich -type oyster watch is the first watch to appear on Mount Everest. It is the entry -level production estate of the brand. Urea, you can buy 26 tons.

    Cartier, French brand, founded in 1847. In addition to extremely expensive jewelry and clocks, the product also includes leather goods, glasses, writing tools, lighters, etc. During more than 150 years,
    has been respected by the nobles and celebrities of the king, and the British King Edward VIII has abandoned the Duke of Windsor of the throne. These four jewelry have been exhibited in China, and the value cannot be estimated. Taking the "Cheetah" brooch as an example, all the leopards are made of platinum. Leopard eyes are a pair of pear -shaped yellow diamonds. N is a 152.35 -carat Clasle grinding round sapphire. At the wedding of Prince Monaco, the ring, necklace, and crown of the princess Gris O -Dai are also a masterpiece of Cartier.
    Camellia platinum necklace is worth about RMB 25 million; 200 carats of water drop -shaped emerald, worth about RMB 67 million. Among Chinese stores, a stainless steel key ring is priced at 1,800 yuan, and you can buy half -ton nut.

    Weichwood: Wedgwood, also translated as Victoriawood, the most delicate porcelain in the world, synonymous with taste. The brand created in the eighteenth century. The product was respected by successful people around the world and the celebrities of social celebrities. Yu Daying Museum has become the national treasure of the UK. In 1793, the British
    I national envoys made to China, and Weicwood porcelain was also one of the gifts dedicated to Emperor Qianlong. Weicwood Bone porcelain vessels use animal bone powder as the main raw materials, and the endurance is amazing. Four coffee cups can be
    The landlift cars that weigh a fifteen tons. The price is also very expensive. Among the stores in mainland China, a Weichhwood porcelain bowl is priced as high as thousands of yuan. A former minister in Australia had been fiercely criticized by the opposition party because of buying a set of Weichwood tea sets for buying a set of Weicwood tea sets. This set of tea sets priced at 3154 US dollars and about 26,000 yuan in conjunction. You can buy 180 rice cookers.

    Genonia: Italian men's quality, founded in 1910, including suits, sweaters, casual clothes and underwear. Former US President Clinton, former French President
    Mitterlang, British Prince Charles, Hollywood Star Clark all showed Jenia in public. Jenia entered China in 1991, and now China has become its fourth largest
    market. The brand provides a tailor -made service, and one of the suits is priced at 116,000 yuan, and only 50 sets are made each year. The price of ordinary shirts exceeds $ 265, and the first buyer must be at least
    to customize 3 pieces. Among the stores in mainland China, I have seen a customer set a shirt at one time, with a total value of nearly 40,000 yuan. If you buy a roll tube toilet paper, you can buy 40,000 cylinders,
    You can eat 2000 people at a time.

    Armani, the Italian brand, the most elegant high -level clothing. The brand was founded in 1975. The products include clothing, perfume, jewelry, watch, cosmetics, home decoration, etc.
    since the brand was founded, almost all acting stars have had intimate contact with it. The Oscar awarding party and Cannes Film Festival can be seen everywhere. Armani carefully designed dresses.
    2005 This brand has released the latest set of sets of sets, ranging from 200,000 to 700,000 yuan. Its main brand George Ormani has always been highly respected by successful people. In the specialty stores in Mainland China, a T -shirt with 43%cotton and 57%blended material is priced at 7,900 yuan, which is equivalent to a mainland China one. The salary of the blue -collar workers throughout the year, if you buy a pencil donation
    The child out of school, you can buy 40,000, and use 40 pieces each year to allow a child to use for 1,000 years.

    Dengxi Road: Dunhill, British brand, products include men's clothing, leather goods, lighters, smoke buckets, watches, men's accessories, etc. Picasso, Elvis, Churchill, King of Spain,
    The Duke of Kent, Norway, King Siam, King of Egypt, the Dutch prince, the Grand Duke of India, and the Duke of Windsor have all been loyal customers of the brand. Deng Xilu Yanyu has always been the love of gentlemen, selling price
    The is tens of thousands of yuan. Among the Dengxi Road specialty stores in mainland China, a windproof lighter is priced at 5,750 yuan. You can buy 2,000 pounds of eggs. If you use it to buy tofu, you can buy six tons. Eat five pounds for each
    to allow a person to eat it alone to eat it. It's almost seven years.

    Chanel, the world's top women's clothing, founded in Paris, France in 1913. The products include women's clothing, perfume, cosmetics, leather, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and various accessories
    waiting. The famous double C logo makes celebrities all over the world crazy. Among the stores in mainland China, a lady's leather jacket is close to 70,000 yuan. The homeless tramp has lived in a cheap hotel for 22 years; a bowl of five yuan, this leather can buy 14,000 bowls of beef noodles, enough for a racket to eat for eight years.

    Fragmu: The model of Italian famous shoes. The brand was founded in the 1920s, and products include fashion, leather goods, watches, leather shoes and various accessories.
    Theframmu's art and craftsmanship of Ferragmu has been widely respected, and has won the popularity of the celebrities of various countries. Singer Madonna, Star Odrey Oh Burn, Sofia
    o Roland, Marilyn O Monroe, Star Michael O -Dan, US President Clinton, British Princess Diana, Duke of Windsor, Mrs. Marcos in the Philippines It was the loyal fan of the brand
    . Among the specialty stores in mainland China, a pair of Ferragmu leather shoes cost more than 5,000 yuan. I have seen a Wenzhou businessman who purchased four pairs of different styles of leather shoes at a time, and the total price exceeds 20,000 yuan. If you buy this cheap laundry powder, you can buy 10,000 packs; buy Orange in October, you can buy more than 7 tons.

    Rafi: Lafite, synonymous with French wine. Raphabort is located in the Modok area in the Bordeaux area. It was the court of Louis XV as early as the 18th century. The love of the aristocracy and celebrities of each king. In the novel, the bottle worth 160,000 US dollars is 1787, and
    The bottle is an abbreviation of the third president of the United States Jefferson, which is one of the most expensive wines in history. Another bottle is also engraved with TH.J. mark, and it is also the
    margaux (Magor) winery produced in 1787. It once called a high price of $ 500,000, and then it was broken due to accident. As much as 225,000 US dollars, it has become the most expensive shattered
    wine bottle in history.

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