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  1. There are many options for birthday gifts to 70 -year -old mother -in -law.
    1. Skin care products
    women are beautiful, especially when people want to maintain young beauty when they get older, you can give your mother -in -law a set of high -end skin care products. It will be very happy. Skin care products must be selected for the skin quality and age of mother -in -law, which is very meaningful and valuable.

    2, health equipment
    people will have a decline in the physical function of a certain age, health care equipment is the most intimate gift for the elderly, and many elderly people do not understand these things very much This is when you reflect the filial piety. It is the best birthday gift for her to choose a suitable health equipment for her uncomfortable part of her mother -in -law. The elderly will definitely like it.

    3, clothes
    many elderly people are not willing to buy clothes for themselves, and some elderly people prefer to dress themselves, so no matter which one Mother -in -law can give clothes as a birthday gift. This is also the least wrong item, but before buying clothes, you must first understand the mother -in -law's dressing habits and sizes. Do not give her unfacked clothes, otherwise the return and exchange is particularly troublesome.
    4, jewelry
    It the elderly will like jewelry very much. If your mother -in -law prefers these things, you can choose a jewelry suitable for middle -aged and elderly people, such as gold ring, pearl necklace, gold earrings, etc. When you get along with each other, you can also give me a polite understanding which type of jewelry.

    5. Buy a cervical massage instrument, because the elderly may have some problems with physical aspects, and the cervical spine may also have problems, so sending a massage instrument at this time can ensure that his body is particularly healthy. It is also very practical.

  2. 1. Send health. Give gifts to the elders, the first place is right. They are old, and their bones are not as young as young. It is inevitable that there will be some small problems with back pain and cervical pain, so you can choose to send a massage instrument to them, which can not only soothe their muscle soreness, but also reflect you. As a daughter -in -law's heart. Or foot bath and health pillow are good choices.

    2, send preferences. You should know what your in -laws like. If you do n’t know it, it ’s okay. Ask his husband, he must be clear after all. Then you can pick it up according to your preferences, and you can definitely send it to Er Laosan.

    3, sending practicality. Some daily necessities can also be considered. For example, send a father -in -law, wallet, a combing of mother -in -law, hair dryer, etc., you may have to say, "Are they all?" Well, there are, but you don’t know if you have the habits of the older generation. I haven't been willing to change it for a long time. So it happened to be a new one for them.

    4. Interesting. Some interesting electronic products can also be delivered. If they are still using old -age machines, then they may wish to send a smartphone and teach them to use it. When they are idle, they read the article and brush the videos. Why not?
    The following is a reference:
    1, shoes
    If people on the age are not a trivial matter, then give her a pair of shoes that are good for walking.

    2, foot bath
    is a must -have thing for health. There are many acupuncture points on the feet, which can be relieved by foot bath.

    3, dishwasher
    The older generation still manually washed the dishes by herself, then gave her a dishwasher. After the food was enjoyed, I only needed to rest.

    4, warm items
    The warm clothes, cashmere sweater, and hand warming treasures in winter are all small gifts for each other, intimate and practical.

    5, pillow
    The a certain age, then sending her a high -quality pillow like a latex pillow, and sleep well.

    6, flowers
    If the other party is a very romantic temperament mother, giving her flowers will be the best gift, and women will always have girls.

    7, knee pads
    The high -level health knee -knee now, which has a good auxiliary treatment effect on arthritis and other diseases.

    8, hand bag
    Mom -like people will be more temperament with a bag, you may wish to choose one that suits her as a gift.

    9, electric blanket
    This in this cold winter, there is a bed electric blanket, which is the warmest happiness.

    10, cosmetics
    F fashion mothers, sending her a set of good quality cosmetics, must be flattering. You can also use this opportunity to carry out makeup techniques to share, and the scene will not be the scene. It's cold.

    11, jewelry
    The necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can be selected, but the ring cannot be sent. Jewelry material, gold is the best, but it must be within the scope of economic tolerance.

    12, the elderly mobile phone
    wants that parents are not abandoned by the times, then try to help them integrate with the times. A mobile phone is essential.

    13, sweeping robot
    has a sweeping robot, you can liberate your hands. Especially the elderly, the problem of back pain and back pain is estimated to be a lot better.

    14, specialty
    If your hometown has specialty foods, you can give them a taste, such as Beijing's roast duck, Tianjin's twist, Sichuan hot pot, etc.

    15, a massage chair
    This chair to send it out, which is a relaxed moment that the whole family can enjoy. However, the quality of the product must be excellent, and the operation should not be too complicated.

    16, health products
    Wonally no elders do not want to have good quality health care products, learn more about the health of the other party, and purchase targeted procurement.

    17, scarf
    many parents and women have an inexplicable feelings for single products such as scarves, scarves, and shawls. If you want to give, the quality is best.

    18, clothes
    If to send clothes, first of all, the style that the other person likes, the suitable size must have a very clear understanding, so as to choose the gift that the other party likes.

    19, fruits
    fruit, it is a gift that will never make mistakes. Remember to choose the kind of fruit basket packaging, it looks richer and must be fresh.

    20, skin care products
    If the man's mother is a fashionable mother, then give her a set of skin care products suitable for her skin.

  3. There are many kinds of gifts for mother -in -law's birthday, as follows:

    1. You can buy some health care products for your mother -in -law, such as some massage equipment, massage pads, foot bath and so on. Such gifts are intimate.

    2, you can also buy some accessories, cosmetics, etc. Heart of beauty in everyone. Some elderly people prefer such gifts and cosmetics to buy that kind of anti -sensitivity. There are generally no problems with brands.

    3. If the mother -in -law is more traditional, you can send some small appliances. If the mother -in -law is more fashionable, then give flowers, cakes and personalized customized gifts. Such as some necklaces, bracelets, crystal ornaments engraved with the mother -in -law's name.

    4, the tobacco, alcohol and tea that is sent to the father -in -law. Mother -in -law. For example, some tea sets, tableware, ornaments can also be considered.

    The expansion information

    Madon, a Chinese word, which means five types. One refers to the respect of elderly women. The second refers to grandmother. The third refers to the mother. The mother of her four -finger husband. His five -finger wife.

    The mother's mother can also be called her mother, and the Guangdong area is called "grandma". Because of her husband's father, he is called a father -in -law, and the two are collectively called in -laws. The word "father-in-law" in English is: "Father-in-Law, Mother-in-Law". Literal understanding, "father -in -law (including father -in -law and mother -in -law)" is a parents in the legal sense. Because of the legal marriage, the parents of the spouse are the parents. This explanation is also reasonable.

    Basic explanation

    1. Respect for elderly women.

    2. Grandma

    3. Mother.

    4. Husband's mother.

    5. Wife.

    The interpretation

    Ph Pó

    Old women: old lady. Born heart.

    husband's mother: in -laws. Mother -in -law. Mother's house. Mother -in -law.

    The relative woman of the two generations: aunt. Auntie. grandmother.

    dialect, which refers to the married young woman, also known as his wife: mother -in -law. Mother -in -law.

    Surging refers to women who are engaged in certain occupations: matchmaker. Paido.

  4. Birthday gifts for the elderly
    Step sneakers
    The elderly are older and usually walk. You need to buy a pair of very fitted shoes. Step shoes can meet the daily needs of the elderly. And the needs of some outdoor sports.
    The main characteristics of footwear shoes
    Main features
    1. There is a space of 0.5-1cm in front of the foot shoes, and the toe feels
    's elasticity of the upper, the heel has a 0.5cm balance, The heel of the shoes has a bouncing
    The force to reduce the impact, the heel faces the heel, the arch bridge of the shoe corresponds to

    2, the sole is large and the upper is large, and the back and forth are raised symmetrical. The soles of the shoe

    3, do not touch the toes, do not squeeze the toes together, the big toe with
    is moderately exposed to the shoes, the shoelaces do not do the instep, the entire shoes use light material
    material, the external ak Bone does not help the shoes.

    4. When buying shoes, you should understand your own foot shape. The shoes are generally designed according to
    . Flat feet are not as good as the height of the arch of the arch, and it is easy to gravate the center of gravity. It is best to add the foot mushrooms during exercise. nThe pressure on the average distribution of insoles.

    5, when choosing shoes, weight is also a consideration of consideration. The body of the body
    The people with heavy and biased people need to be light -fitting with high stability, and the floor
    It instantly requires shoes with better shock absorption capacity.

    6, if you have an inner or outer character tendency, or ankle joint
    have been injured, you can ask the orthopedic doctor first, please push the directory
    part Effective correction shoes.

  5. First, the 70th birthday is a life of the elderly. The tradition is sent to the birthday to wish the birthday. This 24K velvet sand gold golden life peach surface is high -end and the meaning is good. And the elderly are usually superstitious about gold products, thinking that gold can bring good luck.
    . The elderly are older, and the old flower eye has blurred vision. They are completely unclear at all on mobile phone fonts and screens. For such a mobile phone, the elderly can keep in touch with you at any time, and you can also send a big screen watching machine, especially suitable for old people who do not live with their children.
    three, the elderly are older, and the care of the body is particularly important. Like the following multifunctional massage device, foot bath, tea pillow is a gift for the elderly, the health of the elderly is healthy Most importantly, birthday gifts are the first choice.

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