4 thoughts on “What kind of gold necklace is suitable for the elderly”

  1. 1. The elderly are suitable for the mild necklace

    The jewelry worn by the elderly in the material and variety should be used in the middle and high -end. Diamonds and crystal gems are too dazzling, not suitable for middle -aged and elderly people, and gold is too vulgar. The gem worn by the elderly should have a gentle and soft appearance, peaceful and natural texture.

    The pearl jewelry is implicitly restrained, round and generous, luster and delicate, and best shows women's unique elegance, exquisite and taste.

    It, after entering the middle -aged and old age, the jewelry worn by people is best to have a certain health effect.

    The pearl is an organic gem that is rich in lead, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese, sodium, selenium and other trace elements. The effects of detoxifying, closing muscles. Nowadays, women in society are generally too large, and more and more endocrine disorders. Choosing to wear pearl necklaces can regulate endocrine, reduce emotional fluctuations, relieve stress, and dilute the facial stains.

    It especially during menstruation and menopausal irritability. Wearing pearls can play a better regulation, relax, can also prevent chronic throatitis and thyroid. Massage the skin with pearls in the morning and evening, and also has the effects of skin care, beauty and spots.

    In general, the jewelry worn by the elderly should be mild in nature. Therefore, when choosing jewelry for middle -aged and elderly people, choose the favorite pearl jewelry of the older generation. Heart.

    2. The elderly are suitable for necklaces with beautiful morals

    jewelery to give it to the elders in the family must be to pinch the good meaning of healthy longevity, happiness and peace on jewelry on jewelry Give to the elderly, I hope they can have a healthy and happy old age, so buy jewelry for the elderly must pay special attention to the different meanings of jewelry shapes.

  2. The elderly are suitable for wearing gold wares. In traditional consciousness, gold wares are jewelry, and the elderly will believe that gold wares can ward off evil and protect their spirits! As for the style, if it is convenient, you can ask the elderly to choose together. If you are worried about the elderly, you can choose a heart -shaped or flower -type pendant. The necklace is mainly convenient and comfortable.

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