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  1. The brand of Chahongji is very good, and Chahongji's colorful bonus represents the high level of this colorful design.
    The well -known brand Chaohongji's Jewelry was founded in 1997. The company is the first domestic A -share fashion jewelry listed company. It is a well -known brand in Guangdong Province and attracted a large number of consumers and followers. The Chahongji brand is a large -scale enterprise mainly based on design, processing production, wholesale, and retail platinum inlaid jewelry. The predecessor of Chahongji Company was established in 1996, and in July 1997, it was officially founded the brand "Chaohongji". rn潮宏基的太阳花语系列非常受广大消费者的欢迎:来自于大自然花间的灵感,该系列采用了太阳花的造型设计,象征着花开圆满,爱情永远甜美灿烂,给人们Beauty and longing for love. Surprise handmade inlaid technology makes each diamond shine finely. Passing a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, increasing confidence to embrace the splendid life.

    Since the establishment of the brand, Chaohongji has established its industry position for "Gold Jewelry Tide" through continuously strengthening the brand's differentiated marketing. In terms of product design and development, Chahongji pays more attention to creating richer personalized choices for modern women. In 2012, Chahongji used the new positioning of the brand with "more shining moments", and used this as the core to refine the brand's "3A value", namely DESIGN (hoping design), Amazing (surprise Experience), Luxury (approaching luxury).

  2. The brand of Chahongji is good, I personally like it very much.
    As early as 2003, Chaohong Jewelry made a stunning appearance at the Basel Jewelry Expo in Switzerland, showing the gorgeous style of the East on Basel, bringing China's original design to the world stage, and suffering from industry insiders. Wide praise. In recent years, it has also been invited by the international cultural and art circles many times. He has brought the Chinese intangible cultural heritage, the filament inlaid museum, to the world, and promote the oriental culture.
    In recent years, the brand value and brand influence of Chaohongji's jewelry have risen year by year. At the seventh Chinese brand chain development conference this year, they won the "2018 Chinese Chain Brand Impact 50" and "Top 50 Influence of China" and " In 2018, China's chain brand quality is top 50 "dual title".
    Thisyli actively promotes the cooperation with designers, artists and cultural experts from all over the world. The powerful jewelry design lineup ensures that the jewelry works created are fashionable without losing cultural heritage. In addition, adhering to the persistent pursuit of product quality, Chaohong Jewelry integrates the "craftsmanship" into the design of jewelry works. By continuously improves the craftsmanship, pursues perfection, and strives to maximize the spirit of the craftsmanship who is excellent.

  3. The "Chahongji" trademark is the own jewelry and jewelry brand of Guangdong Chaohongji Industrial Co., Ltd., a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province. It is a large enterprise mainly based on design, processing, production, wholesale, and retail platinum inlaid jewelry. The company was founded in 1996 and founded the brand "Tide Hongji" in July 1997.
    Since the establishment of the brand, Chahongji has continuously strengthened the brand's differentiated marketing and stepped up its industry position for the camp. Chahongji firmly believes that for most modern women, jewelry jewelry is not just a symbol of wealth, but the release of the beauty of women, which is the expression of personality and fashion.

  4. The Chahongji brand is good. It is a big brand in Guangzhou. There are not small processing factories. Many jewelry of jewelry in many small jewelry brands in the Mainland are processed by them. It is not bad. There are special designers. Em

  5. The quality of Chahongji was really good. In February, I bought a gold necklace and took it for a week. I took it to the store for repairs for 20 working days to repair it, and then there was no echo. (This shows that there will be a lot of maintenance orders if the quality is very poor), the 28th working day notify the repairs to take the necklace and repeat it. What is the integrity of such a store? Intersection Intersection

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