4 thoughts on “925 How much is pure gold plating a gram”

  1. This 925 silver -plated jewelry is generally not calculated according to gram. If it is calculated at gram, it can only be calculated at the silver price. Based on the silver price of 2015, it is only three or four yuan per gram. It is not cost -effective.
    The value of gold -plated jewelry is generally in the gold -plated process, instead of material. According to the computing, different gold -plated processes, different brands are far from the price.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the price of 925 silver is 24-40 yuan/gram, but we usually buy 925 silver jewelry, not the exchange price, and some work consumption needs to be added. Due to different processes, the price is also different. 925 Silver recovery is lower than the price of the exchange.nQuestionnnHow much is one gram like this?nIn terms of the current market, the price of silver is not gold, and the price of silver is around four yuan to five yuan.nThis kind of depends on the gold -plated process, basically around 100 yuannIf you want to sell, the Golden Store will definitely need to merge you, filter out the gold, and calculate it according to the weight of the gold.nAsk if you go to the Golden Store to charge a handicraft fee?nAnswer if you want to change your necklace models, generally speaking between 10 and 20 yuan per gram of manual fees. Brand stores and ordinary gold shops are also different, and there are slight errors in various places. You can go to the streets to take a look.n7 morenBleak

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