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  1. 1. There are many colleges and universities in the jewelry college in China. There are also jewelry colleges at Peking University. The jewelry design and jewelry appraisal of the Jewelry College of Geology University have one year of jewelry processing courses (but very superficial, this knowledge is still true of social practice) 2. There are 4 major diamond processing places in the world, Tel Aviv New York in the United States and Mumbai in India. Among them, Israel and Belgian diamond processing technology is the best. The worst in India is mainly for the processing industry. If you really want to study abroad, Belgium is the first choice, and there are many jewelry processing workshops in Belgium, including many masters. 3. Jewelry appraisal is the first choice for Geology University, because the Geology University not only has strong teachers, but also has a good practical opportunity. Jewelry appraisal needs to see a large amount of physical objects, not to stay in the textbook. This is undoubtedly the best. As for the teachers of the Teachers' Power of Geological University, many are experts and authoritative figures in the industry. 4. Recommend "GIA American Gem Institute" in foreign countries to learn jewelry appraisal 5. The prospects of jewelry processing are very bad in China, and there are almost no prospects in China. Because the jewelry industry has just started in my country, it is extremely irregular, (if you have seen the jewelry processing factory in Guangzhou, 70%of jewelry sold in my country is produced by various jewelry processing plants in Guangzhou, where jewelry processing is processed there The peasant wage earners in Fujian, Guangzhou. The craftsmanship is good or bad, and there is no need to learn from a professional. It was brought out by the master with apprentices. There are also many young men in Fujian in Beijing, and the little girl does jewelry processing.) 6 Jewelry identification If you learn well, you will have a certain opportunity to enter the National Inspection (National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) to engage in professional appraisal work. This is also a good arrangement.

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