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  1. The prices of diamond rings are:
    1, diamond size: The landlord has selected the size of the stone, which is 0.325ct, indicating that the diamonds that already have the heart; : D, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, the more transparent and not yellowing;
    3, diamond clarity: indicate defectiveness, from good to bad, VVS, VS, and SI, VVS means very, very small, very small, and not visible to the naked eye;
    4, diamond cutting: According to the principle of refractiveness of light, the diamonds are more flashing, the fire color is beautiful, divided into VG, it is divided into VG, it is divided into VG, it is divided into VG , G, Well, it means very good, good, general
    5, the above is about diamonds, and the material is about the material of the precepts. Common materials are PT950 and AU750, which are platinum 950 and 18K. Platinum is relatively expensive. One point, and 18K is a bit cheaper;
    6. Finally, special craftsmanship: some ring styles are simple, some luxurious models, with special craftsmanship micro -inlaid, twisting, etc. N7, the second also depends on the brand and design;
    The above, as the landlord said, it will probably look like 5K -10,000.

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  2. It depends on what level you, what color, clarity, 18K or 90 platinum, and merchants to determine the price; if you buy the lowest level SI, about 10 copies of about 1,000 yuan in general gold shops, but if you are you Those who buy a better level of VS and VVS will cost 3-4,000 yuan! If you buy a diamond ring and you can preserve value in the future, it is recommended that you buy VSVVS level or above. Of course, it is best to buy VVS, because this level of diamond ring is relatively preserved, and the clarity is also close to flaws, but the price is also It is quite high. A women’s clothing ring of about 18K is 4-5,000 yuan! If you go to Macau or Hong Kong to buy this price, you can buy a higher number. Especially when buying on the festival, merchants have a cheaper price. If you buy it at that shop, they should be able to engrave you, and the price will not be too expensive, because I have tried it, but I tried it, about 60 yuan. You can preview him around 100 yuan! There is also an English -beginning letter that can only be engraved with two people, which is cheaper. It is best to buy and engrav, so you can talk about the price.

  3. VS, color grade G-H, 0.325ct
    g and H, although there are two adjacent color levels, but the price will be different, and the G color will be about 10%.
    The calculation of H color, the H color VS30 diamond is about 12,500 yuan per cara. 0.325 carat is 4062 yuan.
    If it is a 18K gold ring support, the mall sells for about 8000-10,000 yuan.
    Maipao is around 5,000 yuan.
    Taobao -v1 diamond-

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